Today’s dynamic business world needs equally dynamic people to run it. Let our 工商管理学院 (SBM) mould you to become one of those people, 世界杯竞猜平台有广泛的文凭课程.

Why SBM?

SBM will equip you with all the skills you need to face the rigorous demands of a fast-paced digital economy. 你会充满活力, innovative and enterprising professional, ready to take on challenges and achieve successes in a globalised business environment.





了解世界杯竞猜平台关于SBM的信息, our student achievements and learning in this special EAE Edition newsletter produced by our very own SBM students. 在此浏览通讯.

Want to be a world-renowned mixologist, 导演一部故事片, engineer a multi-million dollar investment deal or run an international hotel? 你的抱负是什么?? Take a peek into these professions as SBM is here to equip you with all the skills needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital economy. 立志超越!


不要相信世界杯竞猜平台的话. Here is what some of our graduates, students and industry partners have to say:

Paul Tan
市场营销主任 & 通信,福克斯网络集团

“I’m always amazed by the drive and passion of 世界杯竞猜平台’s Diploma in 大众传媒管理 students when

Rebecca Ong
会计学文凭 & 金融学(2017届). 安永审计行政主任.

“Thanks to SBM’s strong industry partnerships, I managed to land an internship with EY, one of the B

Bill Rao
银行学文凭 & 金融服务(2016级). 哈佛进修学院毕业生.

“银行文凭 & Financial Services gave me a solid foundation and provided me with the ski

  • 导演的消息

    Welcome to the 工商管理学院!
  • 创新教与学

    At SBM, we emphasise active learning in our students... 
  • 工业项目

    Our emphasis on real-life experience and industry-relevance has helped us forge strong partnerships with many leading industry players in the retail, 银行和金融, hospitality, 电信, 传媒及体育界.


23 Sep 2022


They were up against 250 individual participants and 48 teams.

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09 Sep 2022

SBM students participate in inaugural internship programme by Enterprise Singapore (ESG)

First time Enterprise Singapore (ESG) internship programme takes in poly students.

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31 Aug 2022

纽约大学的学生在F&B industry

Partnership between 世界杯竞猜平台 and Sapaad lets SBM students hone skills in restaurant analytics and decision science.

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19 Aug 2022

世界杯竞猜平台 opens unmanned Cheers store equipped with AI system


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10 Aug 2022

世界杯竞猜平台 students create NDP2022 visuals and videos

SBM and SDM students had been hard at work leading up to National Day 2022.

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06 Aug 2022


DFBB students impressed guests with their modern take on classic French gastronomy.

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